Elisabet Ney Museum

Perry House

American sculptress Elisabet Ney designed and sited her Austin studio on two acres along Waller Creek in Hyde Park. Ney purchased the lot in 1892 after her arrival in Austin. Her first studio was built to be reminiscent of a Greek temple, and she later added a limestone tower, giving the property a castle like appearance. She named the studio Formosa, meaning “beautiful” in Portuguese, and today it is filled with her works of sculpture and fine art.

Architect Tere O’Connell has been part of past restoration planning and projects at the Elisabet Ney Museum, including a Comprehensive Restoration Master Plan for the city of Austin in 2007. Today, O’Connell Architecture is a member of the design team led by The Lawrence Group to make improvements to the historic property. At the moment we are focused on window and door restorations, and consulting with the team to make several other site improvements.

Project Gallery

1894 Formosa